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What is Internet TV?

Browsing the Internet for TV channels under various criteria is one of the main features of our application and also our trademark. This feature is not to be found in any other OTT/IPTV platform.

Browse over 30.000 TV channels by the name of the channel, its genre or by the country of its origin.

Important notice: User takes full resposibility for the imported content. Our application does not host any of the channels found on the Internet and thus does not infringe any copyrighted content. More about this read in our privacy policy.

Import existing m3u8 lists directly into our application.

Great number of users living abroad their native country uses every possible source of TV channels in order to watch native television. This is the reason why m3u8 lists became so popular and why we have enabled our customers to import them.

Many of our customers are very much used to this way of watching TV channels, but why stop there when you have the ability to browse the internet for whichever channel you’d love to watch?

Enjoy television!

Import your CCTV, video surveillance cameras

Install your video surveillance and watch the stream from our app. Watch your favourite TV channels and at any time you can access your own video surveillance feed.

Forget about all those confusing CCTV apps and try our CCTV feature where you can link your video surveillance and your television channels thus making it easy for you to access both at any time. Rewind, replay, fast forward or watch everything live, try it now for free!

For instructions on how to securely import your CCTV into your list of channels, contact us.

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