What is Internet TV?

Browsing Internet for TV channels is our copyrighted trademark and one of the key features our modern platform provides.

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Import and manage your own m3u8 lists.

The possibility to add and manage m3u8 lists is one of the key advantages our application provides, especially to those users who are used to watching the television using these lists.

M3u8 lists are very easily obtainable and thus, they are probably the main source of TV channels for all those people living abroad their native countries. Because of this, we have enabled the import m3u8 feature so you can add all those beloved TV channels you are used to.

Import and manage your m3u8 lists using our application on any device.

Internet TV channel browser is just a tool which is used by the users to find TV channels. 
Our platform does not take any responsibility for the content found or imported into our platform. 
The channels imported through this feature are not hosted or encoded by us hence we cannot guarantee for them.
If you want to import exclusive TV channels like HBO, Sky, Cinemax etc. please contact our team and they will give you instructions and official prices of the mentioned providers.

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