iOS Player

TV Magyar Live Smart Phone iOS Player is an application that allows you to watch TV channels on all devices that runs in Apple iOS (iPhone, iPad or iPod). Downloading and starting the player is very simple, if you read and follow these steps:

1. First tap on App Store icon on your device and then search for TV Magyar Live application. When you find it, tap on button free and then install it.

2. When the application loads, go directly to OPTIONS and then INFO to find your DEVICE ID. After that, contact our operator report your Device ID and ask for activation.

3. Also, in Options Menu you can change parental code with option "CHANGE PIN".

4. When the operator confirms that the device is activated, go to TV section, choose category and TV channel you like. You can scroll down TV page to find all TV stations we can offer.

5. When you start TV channel, in lower part of your screen you will see TXT button whch allows you to view TeleText. To change page of TeleText, tap on white field on top of the screen and virtual numeric keyboard will appear. To exit TeleText mode, tap on button "BACK". You can change to next or previous channel simply by finger swipe left or right on screen.

6. In TV menu, you can tap on small star icon to add desired TV Channel to Favourite list. If you tap again, you will remove Channel from Favourite List. To exit TV menu, tap on button "BACK" in upper left corner of the screen.