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Along with new technologies, we developed applications for iPhone, iPad, iPod, so as for devices with Android operating system...

Now You can have all TV channels on Your fingertips!

TV channels are available whrever there is internet connection - WiFi, 3G, 4G. TV channels are broadcast in real time, and the users are allowed to delay watching by using the option -6 h.

Each channel has EPG in addition, so a user could be aware of which show they are currently following, and what is next on the program.

Multimedial software
Over 170 EX YU, foreign TV channels and adults TV channels.
Multilingual applications.
Possibility of connecting to any TV or monitor.
Quality image in h.264 format.
Easy to use.
Possibility of watching TV channels in real and delayed (-6h) time.
RSS news are automatically updated.
Video games
EPG program announcement.
Possibility of pausing and resuming TV channels, in order to not miss the important details.
Perfect to use on places where You have never watched Your favourite match, movie or show before.